Thirty years of art

At first glance, both Jody Zellen and Bob Trotman couldn’t seem like more different artists. Zellen’s exhibit features fast changing screens, graphic design, and sketches while Trotman’s is filled with wooden figurines and every day office décor. Perhaps this is the greatest part of the Halsey’s newest exhibits—their unpredictable cohesiveness. Halsey’s feature artists blend the…


CofC Arts Management Department Rocks at Give Back Concert

On Saturday Jan. 24, Coast Records and the College of Charleston Arts Management Department hosted the College of Charleston Gives Back Rock Concert at Music Farm. Proceeds were dedicated to Carolina Studios, a non-profit organization that provides music-engineering software to at-risk youth in the Charleston area. By integrating into communities and schools, Coast Records has…


“How to Catch a Feeling and When to Let It Go” : A Review of MGMT

MGMT’s eclectic, self-titled third album and ‘Optimizer’ visuals envelope the listener in a spaceship traveling through an alternate world. It’s a composition from Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser that attempts to push their limits not only in regards to their range of sound but also reputation. Accompanied by high profile, experimental producer Dave Fridmann, the…

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