One80 Place launches Homeless Justice Project

Trespassing, drinking in public, shoplifting. Minor charges that for most just result in a fine. For some, however, the issue becomes much more than the fine; it is their reasons for trespassing, what led them to drinking in public, what they needed—and thus had to steal—that is the true issue. For many people experiencing homelessness, accumulated…


Food Deserts Are Nothing New in North Charleston

Note: originally published Sept. 16. The closing of Charleston’s Meeting Street Bi-Lo has raised major concerns about local access to grocery stores. When the Bi-Lo permanently closed its doors on Oct. 5, the total number of grocery stores in downtown Charleston was reduced to just two.  For residents of Charleston’s East Side without personal transportation,…


ISIS Hacks CisternYard Radio Twitter Account

Over the College’s spring break in March, CisternYard Radio’s own General Manager Meredith Wohl was shocked to discover that ISIS had hacked an inactive Twitter account associated with CYR. The cyber attack by the extreme Islamist group consisted of tweeting, at least once every minute, with ISIS propaganda and screenshots of a database listing U.S. Marine names,…


South Carolina Senate passes refugee bill

On March 23, South Carolina’s state Senate passed a bill that sets limits for refugees coming into the state. The bill was passed by a vote of 39-6. The bill, if put into effect, would require incoming refugees to register with the South Carolina Department of Social Services, which would then turn over control to law…


Who Will Get the Nomination? The Answer is in the Math

The frenzy of town halls, panels and debates make it seem as if the general election is tomorrow, not eight months from now. And yet, the processes that will charter a new American presidency are already in place, and have been for no short period of time. An extensive selection process determines which Republican and…

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