Photo Shows White Student Dressed Up as Freddie Gray

On Sunday afternoon, Maryland native Detrick Manning posted a photo on Facebook that allegedly depicts College of Charleston student Sam Weinick dressed up as Freddie Gray at a party. Freddie Gray was a Black man who died as a result of police brutality in 2015. Manning, who currently studies at Liverpool Hope University, posted the…


Corner Culture

Anyone who has spent time downtown is aware of the veritable food desert that spans the breadth of the Holy City. Residents of downtown Charleston have very few choices when it comes to groceries and other essentials. This has led to the rising popularity, more recently among students, of local corner stores. Charleston is deeply…


Charleston’s African American Museum Receives Biggest Endowment to Date

In 2000, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley announced his vision to attract more tourists and support the local economy. He pitched the idea of Charleston becoming home to the International African American Museum. 17 years later Riley’s vision is one step closer to reality. On Oct. 3, Former Mayor Riley, current Mayor John Tecklenburg and President…


South Carolina Businesses, Universities, Cities Commit to Paris Agreement

On June 1, President Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. With Trump’s withdrawal, the United States joins Nicaragua and Syria as the only U.N. member nations to reject the agreement. Signatories of the Paris Climate Agreement set their own benchmarks for climate change mitigation to keep temperature change…


Glenn McConnell responds to Charlottesville Rally and local “flagging” event

Following the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally on Aug. 11-12, College of Charleston President Glenn McConnell sent out two emails to the student body addressing the issue and the College’s future stance. What did the first email say? McConnell condemned the beliefs of neo-Nazi hate groups and white supremacists The College offered condolences to victims…

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