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Tattoo Tuesday: The Razor and the Rose

Kids here in Charleston are itching to get inked. Sophomore Liam Hodges hit the tattoo parlor recently, scratching his itch for the ninth time. “A lot of people say that, when you get your first tattoo, you either never get another one or go crazy and get addicted,” Hodges said. “I guess you could say…


Dear UCLA: How to throw a Kanye West Party And Not Be Racist

Kanye West did not drop three entire college themed albums for this to happen! The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Phi sorority at the University of California, Los Angeles held a “Kanye Western” themed party on Tuesday night. Party goers were seen wearing baggy clothing, fake rear-ends, plumped lips to nail the perfect Kardashian…


“No Man’s Sky”: If a Computer could play God

At popular video game conference E3 this year, game developer Sean Murray of Hello Games showcased some live gameplay of the studio’s new game, “No Man’s Sky.”  It featured first-person space combat and exploration of extraterrestrial planets. The graphics were state-of-the-art and absolutely gorgeous, and the space scenes were vast and almost life-like.  But more…


Kenan Thompson Tells “All That” We Wanted To Hear

Thanks to the Office of Student Life, “Saturday Night Live” comedian Kenan Thompson thrilled students in the Sottile Theater with a #ThrowbackThursday like none other. Without crazy costumes, props or gadgets, Thompson’s single microphone and spotlight were all that was needed as he spoke of his career journey.  Nostalgia filled the air as students  were given the…


Twitter tackles racism following Charleston shooting

Dylann Roof, a 21 year-old white man who allegedly shot and killed nine black church-goers during Emanuel AME’s bible study on Wednesday evening, was captured nearby Thursday morning in Shelby, NC. The Charleston Police Department believe the murders to be racially motivated as Charleston Police, Chief Greg Mullen confirmed “We believe this is a hate…

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