Every Rose Has It’s Thorn: Bad Habits

As College of Charleston’s alumni Charles Peterson said, “it is a vulnerable thing to ask someone to identify a bad habit. It is almost like asking them to identify a weakness.” Human beings are created imperfect. These imperfections are reflected through bad habits. By focusing on the foundation behindA all pet peeves and habits, more people can be understanding of the reasons behind other’s misconducts.

Ashantai Waugh, a junior communications major with a minor in arts management, stated, “I eat a lot of ice. No matter where I go I always want a cup of ice.” Waugh added, “Even my mom tells me if I eat so much ice I’m going to mess up my teeth.” However, the reason behind Waugh’s ice chewing habit is due to anemia. “That is the side effect to that,” Waugh said, “Anemia is when your iron is low in your blood, so you crave things with no nutritional value at all … even at home when I want to eat with my family, I always reach for a cup of ice.” She giggled as she elaborated, “they tell me something is wrong with me, that I must be on crack. Even in a restaurant I can’t help it and it’s weird.” Waugh ended by saying, “I would like to change it, but it’ll be hard to find something else.”

Darian Ebert, a senior majoring in communications, discussed her habit of being late. She affirmed, “I just have a habit of knowing the right time but still finding something else to do and leaving late.” Ebert claims, “plenty of my friends constantly ask me what am I doing when it’s time to go. I will be dilly dallying – fixing something that isn’t really important.” Darian confessed that she’d like to change the bad habit because “punctuality is highly regarded and it’s important as far as being a responsible person.”  Darian followed by explaining, “I am not saying this is bad, but I believe it came from a family behavior. My mom was always late when she’d drive me to school.” She added, “She’d be the reason that I was late. I guess that’s how it became a habit that formed.” Following that, Darian also added, “part of the reason is I’m easily distracted too. I have had ADD my whole life … I know what I need to be doing but found a way to get distracted, not on purpose, but there is always something and I always found something.”

Emmanuel Williams, social worker and College of Charleston alumni class of 2009, shared, “I can be too nice. I avoid hurting others and I am a people pleaser.” Emmanuel admitted “friends always tell me I overthink.” He added, “I think I worry and overthink specifically in reference to hurting other people.” Williams said, “I consider this a bad habit because sometimes I tend not to put my needs first. This can lead to struggling with being assertive,” continuing by saying that “I will definitely want to change, but something like this is something you work toward. I know change will start by the way I communicate with others by focusing on a relationship to relationship basis – being very self-reflective about the way I act with others.” Williams continued speaking, “It is interesting to think of where behavior comes from, is it socialized? Do we learn them from our parents? Are there any gender dynamics to them?” Williams then added, “I have always played that role, I overthink the importance that others give me.” William concluded by saying “An example of how my bad habit is affecting me today is when I take an overall look, I decline offers that do not fit my overall goals, asking myself what do I want? Sometimes I have to do things that I really don’t wanna do, but I have to step back and think about what doesn’t work and it’s hard to take a step back from things that don’t.”

It is normal to try becoming a better person. A bad habit that purposely leads to hurting others is never acceptable. However, most bad habits tend to affect a person more than it affects those around them. There is a reason behind everyone’s actions.


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