Charleston Residents Rally for Women’s Equality

Charleston Residents Rally for Women’s Equality

On Saturday, January 20th, pussy hat wearers invaded Charleston’s Brittlebank Park for its annual Women’s March. Taking place one year after Trump’s inauguration, Charleston’s differed from others in its gathering because it tended to focus more on the rallying aspect rather than a full-on march. Considering that 1500 attendees showed up this was not an issue.

The event included prominent figures in our city. Among those representing the city and state were Mayor Tecklenberg and Wendy Brawley, a South Carolina representative. There were College of Charleston students in attendance including a DACA student.

There were people from all around our city and state and of all genders, races and identities, with women in power, rights activists and many from the LGBTQ community. There were couples flashing their outspoken outfits, pride colors everywhere and one even some showed up in a Wonder Woman costume.

It was flashy and vibrant – a time for everyone to express themselves and show solidarity in the community.

The rally made sure that it did not stray from main points. Many brought up the discussion of women in office. Christine Pinckney, a Summerville resident, said “I think it’s important that we have equal rights, and that means that everyone needs to vote, everyone should have an option to vote.”

There is a lack of communication and dialogue in these intense subjects. The community taking part in the Women’s March sought to eliminate that.

An anonymous rally goer said, “[the lack of dialogue] is the wedge, with its foot on our neck.”

Another said, “Nothing changes unless you make people uncomfortable.”

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Authored by: Judith Arendall

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