President Trump Looks to Repeal Obama-Era Climate Change Plan

On Monday Oct. 9, the Trump Administration announced their plan to formally repeal Obama-era Clean Power Plan.

What did the Clean Power Plan do?

  • Establish carbon-emission standards on a state-by-state basis
  • Allowed each state to produce its own plan based on their environmental and economical climate
  • Planned to reduce national carbon emissions 32 percent below the data reported in 2005 by 2030
  • Offers plans for cutting coal-fire power by investing in renewable resources, nuclear energy, and natural gas
  • Followed in accordance with the Paris Agreement, a global outlook on climate change that President Trump has since departed

Why is it being repealed?

  • President Trump has repeatedly denounced climate change, even claiming that climate change was, “created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”
  • The repeal fulfills one of Trump’s campaign promises and the Executive order on climate change he signed last spring.
  • President Trump, the Chamber of Commerce, and many Republican lawmakers feel that the heavy regulations damage and restrict the coal and oil industries.

What will replace it?

  • As of now, the EPA has yet to announce their plans moving forward, but announced that the President will file the repeal proposal to the Federal Registar on Tuesday Oct. 10. 
  • Many companies affected by the Clean Power Plan do not wish to completely repeal the regulations, only loosen them.
  • Repeal without replacement could open the government up to lawsuits from environmental activist groups, a long and expensive process
  • If replaced, the new plan would most likely loosen regulations on carbon emissions without attempting to sway power plants toward more renewable resources.
  • The EPA would most likely  offer complying companies tax cuts
  • These new regulations would still go against the President’s stance on climate change, however

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Authored by: Hannah Addis

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