Hurricane Maria Hits Puerto Rico, Expected to Hit East Coast

As hurricane season is abruptly upon us, Hurricane Maria is recorded as the second hurricane to make landfall as a category five along the Atlantic coast. As of September 22, Hurricane Maria is expected to brush along the coast of North Carolina causing severe rain and wind. According to the data from a NOAA hurricane hunter aircraft , “the maximum sustained winds are 80 mph.” Thus, prompting North Carolina to consider evacuation.

Although it’s been a week since, Hurricane Maria’s landfall on Puerto Rico, 3.4 million citizens still remain without power or electricity. As stated on The Verge, “The problem is that roughly 80 percent of transmission lines, which take power from the plants to distribution centers, are down. Nearly all the local power lines that run to residences and businesses have likely also been destroyed.” As of now citizens from Puerto Rico are relying on generators, but that’s only a temporary solution.

Hurricane Maria’s intensity is slowly at a decline, transitioning from a category one to a tropical storm, however weather officials are still closely monitoring this hurricane. 


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Authored by: Sydni Edwards

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