Four students shot at San Francisco high school

Four students shot at San Francisco high school

San Francisco Police report that four students, all 15 years old, were shot in the parking lot of June Jordan School for Equity last Tuesday, Oct. 18. One victim, a female, was said to be the target and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Two other victims received non-life threatening injuries, while the third walked into a police station with a gunshot wound.

Four male suspects were reported fleeing from the scene. San Francisco Police made two arrests regarding the incident but reported that two others have yet to be found.

After being shot, the four victims ran back into the school and the San Francisco Unified School District immediately placed the school on lockdown. Police searched the building to confirm that there was no active shooter and the school was lifted from the lockdown about an hour later.

The school did not report whether or not the suspects arrested were students of June Jordan, nor did police comment on their age or gender. School resumed the next day and counselors were provided for students.

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Authored by: Justin Theilig

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