Gaining presence on King Street with The College Corner

Gaining presence on King Street with The College Corner

Nestled at the intersection of King and George street, the new retail store, The College Corner is now open for business. Going beyond the standard finds collected at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, The College Corner is stocked with high-end merchandise targeted to not only current students and parents, but Charleston visitors and alumni. With clothing brands ranging from Ralph Lauren to Under Armour, The Charleston Corner mixes collegiate wear with sophistication and high quality, offering exclusive finds that can’t be bought anywhere else. You can also discover golf shirts, jewelry, bow ties and even leather briefcases decked with the College of Charleston logo.

The College Corner holds an exclusive line of clothing.

The College Corner holds an exclusive line of clothing (Photo by Chelsea Anderson).

Preserving elements of the storefront original design, wood shop windows and iron pillars are featured on the outside of the store. Capturing the air of the college itself, the interior brick walls are adorned with drawings created by alumni and local artist Nikki Harris Williams. These paintings, including scarves and stationary within the store, feature the theme of detailed and ornate wrought-iron gates, reflecting a characteristic not just scattered around the college, but highlighting a Charlestonian architectural staple.

Before renovations, The College Corner’s facility was originally constructed in 1855. Until the college purchased the venue in 2013, the building  was owned and leased by Barton’s Candy and The Silver Puffin. Strategically placed, the store’s presence on historic King Street connects the school with prospective students and tourists. President Glenn McConnell put in statement that, “The store will enable members of the college family to showcase their Cougar pride and it also will serve as a gateway to the college for tourists and community members shopping at or walking along one of the top retail districts in America.”

Sales assistants have also mentioned that an influx of families have been found wandering into the gift shop, as well as those passing by, curious about the school itself and seeking information. For those wanting a more historical view of Charleston, books and maps pertaining to the Gullah Culture of the lowcountry, notable places in the city and a detailed history of the college are also available for purchasing.

It has been said that The College Corner is already a thriving business and that the store is looking to accumulate even more unique merchandise and interesting memorabilia to attract customers. Essentially, The College Corner brings CofC, along with elements of historic Charleston together, creating a new and significant shopping experience for a number of people.

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Authored by: Chelsea Anderson

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