‘Fear No Easel’ makes art accessible to students

‘Fear No Easel’ makes art accessible to students

DSC08715“It’s not serious art. It’s social art!” On the evening of Friday Nov. 7, the Cougar Activities Board hosted another one of their Fun Friday events. This time the theme was painting. CAB invited Fear No Easel, a company based in Mt. Pleasant that hosts painting classes and parties for the artist in everyone, to come to the College and make artists out of cougars. As the name implies, Fear No Easel believes in taking the fear out of art. It believes in the social power of art and encourages everyone to paint their best but not worry about being the best.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Ragin.

Students working on their masterpieces. (Photo by Ashley Ragin)

The event started off with snacks, which included fruits, cookies, brownies and drinks. Once everyone got their food fuel, the real fun began. Seventy-five students listened intently to employees from Fear No Easel on how to create their own masterpiece of the painting entitled “Goodnight Charleston.” After painting instruction was given, invigorating pop music was turned all the way up to lighten the mood and remind everyone to have fun. This pattern lasted throughout the two-hour art session. In the midst of mixing colors, cougars hummed lyrics, shimmied in their seat and belted out some hearty laughs. Art can be extremely frustrating and stressful, but Fear No Easel does a wonderful job at making it as carefree as possible. They constantly encouraged and complimented students as well as offer any guidance requested.

Competition did make its way into the event, though. Fear No Easel offered three vouchers for a free session at their home base in Mt. Pleasant to the three students who got the most likes or comments on a Facebook post of their in-progress painting. Not only did the company take the time to teach a big group of college students how to paint (and have fun doing it), but they also gave away future sessions. With this kind of hospitality it is no wonder why Fear No Easel has become such a popular experience for both tourists and locals. Thanks to CAB for putting on another delightful Fun Friday!

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Authored by: Angel Mathis

Majoring in Communication and double minoring in Creative Writing and Hospitality and Tourism Management, College of Charleston senior Angel Mathis aspires to work in a career that combines her love of words with her love of people. ​When not writing for the Yard, she dedicates her time to the College of Charleston Student Alumni Associates, Literati English Club and various volunteer opportunities throughout the Charleston community. Outside of the College, Angel enjoys traveling whenever she can, going on more coffee dates than she can afford and laughing with loved ones.

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