SC Supreme Court left to determine same-sex marriage

On Oct. 8, the low country made history as several of the first applicants for same-sex marriage licenses flooded the courthouse in Charleston. Inspired by the overturn of Virginia’s ban on gay marriage, Judge Irving G. Condon of the Charleston County Probate Court began accepting applications for same-sex marriage licenses. A 24 hour waiting period was then instilled before the licenses were permitted to be issued.

As of Thursday morning, the 24 hour waiting period has been extended. The issuing of any same-sex marriage licenses has been postponed by the instruction of the Supreme Court. The Court advised the probate level not to deliver any licenses until a federal judge makes a decision regarding South Carolina’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Backed by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, Governor Nikki Haley supports traditional marriage in the state. Paired, the two continue to the fight to uphold the ban.

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Authored by: Samantha Rodriguez

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