College unveils new logo

College unveils new logo

new logo

The new logo was designed to “give you the feeling you get when you step into that outside space.” (Photo courtesy of College of Charleston)

“Simple, clean, strong.” These were the words used by Gil Shuler to describe the new logo he created for the College of Charleston.  Just as classes and a new semester were about to begin, The College released a never before seen logo to become a part of Charleston’s visual identity.  The new logo features the historic core of the campus, Randolph Hall, surrounded by the iconic Oak trees that line the Cistern.

During the year long process of creating the new logo, input from multiple committees of representatives was given including; the Office of Alumni Relations, the Presidents Office, athletics, marketing, and communications.  All committees agreed that College of Charleston’s new logo had to spotlight Randolph Hall and the Cistern.

Since its erection in 1829, Randolph Hall has been the heart of Charleston’s campus. “Everything has grown out of the center point of Randolph Hall,” said Jack Huguley, Director of Alumni Relations.  Gil Shuler said that he designed the logo to “give you the feeling you get when you step into that outside space.” Shuler elaborated on a process in which he superimposed the new logo over a photograph of Randolph Hall to ensure it would evoke the same feeling as walking onto campus.

Gil Schuler of Gil Schuler Graphic Designs in Mt. Pleasant has created many of the iconic signage seen all over the Lowcounrty. His work includes the logos for the revamp of the Charleston City Market (Caviar and Bananas, Food for the Southern Soul), The Charleston Jazz Orchestra, Husk Restaurant, and The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.  Schuler also created the College’s athletic logo, which was unveiled last year.  When asked about his vision for the new logo he created for the College he said, “it has to reduce really well, so that when you see it on something as small as a lapel pin it’s readable and you can tell what it is. It also has to embroider really well and it has to work in one color.” The new logo will begin appearing on stationary, business cards, website banners, clothing and other college related apparel.

The word mark of the College of Charleston’s logo has been revamped as well. The font that reads “College of Charleston” has been changed to a subtle but stronger font called Caslon, the same font that is used on copies of the Declaration of Independence, which was signed by three of the Colleges founders. While this font change is barely noticeable, it is another cue that the College won’t be forgetting its heritage anytime soon.  As President Glenn McConnell said in regards to the new logo,  “as an alumnus, I’m proud that this new logo acknowledges our historic past at the same time we look toward our bright future.”


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Authored by: Justine Hall

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