Bluegrass and (compostable!) brunch

Bluegrass and (compostable!) brunch

Students and families enjoyed food and music at the College's first catered event with post consumer composting. (Photo by Ian Moore)

Students and families enjoyed food and music at the College’s first catered event with post consumer composting. (Photo by Ian Moore)

Bluegrass and Brunch closed Family Weekend with a twang on Sunday, Sept. 29 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. The event was held in the Cistern Yard, and families listened to music from local band The Sweetgrass Girls while eating traditional Southern food.

“This event is fantastic – it’s well run and organized. The people are just willing to help,” Chuck Mendoza, father of sophomore Katie Mendoza said.

“This is sort of the finale, a thank you for coming,” Jenkins said. Student Life coordinates Family Weekend, and it takes them approximately a year to plan the event.

This year, Student Life decided to team up with The Office of Sustainability to make the waste from the brunch compostable. Bluegrass and Brunch is the first catered event at the college that has post-consumer composting.

“We ended up being able to have a ninety percent rate of diversion. Ninety percent of all of the waste that was used was composted or recycled. The things that were recyclable were things people brought in,” Jen Jones, a graduate assistant who works with the Office said.

All of the plates provided at the event were paper based and biodegradable. The silver and cups were made from a plant based plastic. “Technically, by the waste industry standards we achieved zero waste which is ninety percent or more,” Jones said.

Jones is hopeful that this will not be the last catering event that has post-consumerism composting. “We really have our eye on Charleston Affairs. We’d like to see if we can take it to the next level this year [to the event], and add it to the composting on top of recycling we’ve added to Charleston Affairs,” Jones said.

Sustainability Office intern Abigail Tennenbaum may be able to help with that. “As an intern in the Office of Sustainability they all chose a focus, and her focus has been waste. She has really been the coordinator for this event – she coordinated the event and told everyone where they were supposed to be. Like I said, she was a pretty crucial element to it.”

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Authored by: Ashley Sprouse

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