Club Spotlight: Sassy, sultry singer shakes things up

Club Spotlight: Sassy, sultry singer shakes things up

Songs in A Minor by Alicia Keys. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Stripped by Christina Aguilera. What do these Grammy award-winning albums all have in common? They’re produced and performed by some of today’s sultriest singers in the music industry. And it’s songs from artist like these that the new a cappella vocal group at the College, Charleston Vibes, will cover in their performances.

The College is no stranger to Glee-style, a cappella student groups on campus. Already in existence for many years are The Chucktown Trippintones. But Zoe Kurtz, president and founder of Charleston Vibes, assures that her new club will be diverse.

“We’re doing a different type of music. We’re doing more sultry music. Like Hip-Hop,” Kurtz said. On her list of potential songs to cover are “Fallen” by Alicia Keys and a few Stevie Wonder songs. “I really want to do some Beyoncé too, because who doesn’t love Beyoncé?,” Kurtz adds.

Kurtz was the director of her a cappella group in high school and sang with the club for four years. While she’s been playing the violin since she was six, Kurtz has never had formal vocal lessons. But this petit alto isn’t letting that stand in her way.

To get this club started, Kurtz is going through the necessary steps with SGA, and she said she wants to have open mic nights on campus. “Hopefully next semester we’ll have an end of the year performance,” Kurtz said.

Kurtz plans to have auditions within the next couple of weeks and is looking for “anyone who really likes to sing and is sassy.” With the help of singers from The Chucktown Trippintones, Kurtz has already reached out to students who have tried out for The Trippintones in the past.

With the approximate 200 registered organizations that currently exist at the College, Charleston Vibes will just be one more club to add a bit of variety to an already present vocal community on campus.

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Authored by: LaQunya Baker

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