‘Billion Dollar Kid’ takes the College by storm

‘Billion Dollar Kid’ takes the College by storm

Many think that Sims is a natural at making people laugh. This summer Sims was the host of SPECTRA's talent show. (Photo by LaQunya Baker)

When you hear the name Cardell Sims, it may ring a bell because he is the third student in his family to attend the College of Charleston. Despite wanting to transfer into the College and remain “under the radar,” Sims has become a campus personality.

“When I got here I didn’t want people to know who I was. I wanted to build myself up from scratch,” Sims said. “I wanted to be something that I wasn’t.” Who Sims was back in his hometown of Darlington, S.C. was nothing short of a local celebrity.

If someone were to venture to Columbia and walk into the statehouse, they may notice a plaque on the wall with the name Jonathan Cardell Sims detailing how the young Sims has strong morals and values. “They call me honest John,” Sims reflected.

Sims proved just how honest he was when he was nine years old and was given the key to the city in Darlington. When he was walking in the halls of his school, Sims found $100 and turned it in to a teacher. The person who claimed the money gave Sims $10. Sims faced teasing from his classmates for turning in the $100 and barely getting anything out of it.

But when the teacher who claimed the money told the local media outlets about Sims’ honesty, newspapers started calling him the “Billion Dollar Kid.” And considering that he was featured in seven local newspapers, it’s no surprise that Sims wanted a fresh start at the College that would allow him to be relatively incognito.

However, since Sims has been at the College, he has done just the opposite. When he isn’t riding his cruiser the wrong way up St. Phillip with a bright red balloon tied to the back, Sims can be found hosting a campus event. So far he’s hosted SPECTRA’s summer talent show, and this October he’ll be hosting a talent show during the upcoming MOVE weekend. Along with MOVE, a program for high school students interested in the College, Sims will host his own event this Oct.27 at 7 p.m. called “Talent for the Tatas.”

“October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For this month, we should really focus on the male prospects,” Sims said. Sims said he wants everyone to understand that breast cancer is not just something that affects women, but men can be diagnosed with the disease as well.

With his raising awareness for a good cause, turning in lost money and becoming the College’s version of Ryan Seacrest, it makes the average student wonder what more this guy can add to his repertoire. But this fall, Sims is set to co-host his own show on CisternYard Radio every Friday at 6 p.m.

The show is titled “Me, Chai and my DJ” and is co-hosted by senior Chaiquan Wingfield. “Our radio show will play Hip-Hop and R&B, and our segments will talk about topics ranging from relationships, politics and religion,” Sims explained. “Chai and I disagree a lot so it’ll be interesting to see who listeners agree with.”

Students shouldn’t be surprised if they hear Sims crack a few jokes on this weekend radio show because many people think of him as a natural funny guy. “I’m a serious person, but everyone thinks what I say is funny. It’s my delivery,” Sims said. “I guess it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

But what does the guy who has a lot to say with a funny way of saying it want people to say about him? In general, Sims doesn’t concern himself with what other people think. He likes to be an individual. “I’ll pull my pants up so high that my belt touches my nipples… I just want people to say ‘he does his own thing.'”

The College has already seen much of Sims on campus; however, he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Sims said he appreciates the experiences and opportunities he’s had at the College. “This opportunity showed me that it’s more than just…” Sims paused. He took a moment to consider what’s more to come for him at the College. “I don’t have to limit myself,” he continued.

With no limitations, it’s a wonder what the College can expect next out of the Billion Dollar Kid.




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Authored by: LaQunya Baker

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