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Watch This

I bet you a million Rolexes that you scramble for your smart phone when someone asks for the time. You punch, swipe, squeeze that palm-sized piece of your heart until the time appears with satellite precision. I plead guilty for relying on my phone. Ask for a time check and I’ll reach for my Android like one of Pavlov’s dogs despite my vintage Swatch watch ticking, ticking, ticking for attention.


I received my watch wake-up call at Bonnaroo this summer. I set up camp in that dusty Tennessee wasteland of music and madness and my (not so) smart phone drained of battery quicker than one could exclaim “What tent? Which tent? What time is it? What day is it? We’re missing Arcade Fire!!!!”


Thus, I learned that watches are what time it is. Large, round watch faces gleam from the wrists of in-the-know Charlestonians. I condone the excessive interpretation of this trend (when do I not?) by wearing multiple watches at once but you’ll have to make it to all your classes on time- you won’t have an excuse.


Regardless of how you wear it, let’s talk practicality (just for a sec). Are you afraid of scratching up that gleaming band when you need a watch more than ever, like at a festival? Lap this up, trailblazers and trend followers.


Innovative watch purveyors at Nixon have dished out the Milk Collection, a series of watches coated with a white top color that will gradually chip off to reveal golden-colored steel IP plating. This series succeeds the Sunkissed Sea Collection, matte turquoise color over steel, and the gunmetal grey Gunship Collection. Watches range from $100 to $500 and are up for grabs on


Unlike milk, these statement watches just get better with time.

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Authored by: Nikki Scioscia

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