Tweets surface as board meeting looms

Tweets surface as board meeting looms

One in a series of images posted on Ruegner’s blog Wednesday night, allegedly showing tweets sent by Ross Kressel.


Late Wednesday evening, tweets from the since deleted Twitter account @CofCPolitico were made public. @CofCPolitico is the Twitter account alleged to belong to Student Body President Ross Kressel.  The source is not what you might expect, however.  Former Student Government Association senator Peter von Lehe Ruegner, who resigned from the organization two weeks after losing the presidential election last spring, posted a sampling of the tweets on his blog.

While they appear to be from the @CofCPolitico account, at this time the George Street Observer cannot confirm the authenticity of the tweets, or if these are the tweets over which Kressel faces impeachment proceedings.  The GSO has heard from confirmed sources that Treasurer Rozansky plans to introduce a letter during today’s Executive Board meeting that would begin these proceedings.

The GSO will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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Authored by: Brad Woods

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  1. Jimmy from Jedburg at 1:52 pm

    Let’s be honest, given the history between the governing body and this Ruegner kid, proving these statements to be authentically crafted by Kressel will amount to nothing short of a Salem witch trial. Apparently, Ruegner’s time since exiting SGA has been spent in 1692 honing his “He’s a witch!” arguments.

  2. Emily Simmons at 3:27 pm

    A classic example of how social media can be misused by those in power. Whether these tweets are truly that of Kressel’s he certainly is not the only person on that campus running phony handles at the expense of others. Maybe this will be a learning lesson to all those who abuse the ability to share.

  3. Ty at 4:24 pm

    Ok, Tea Party Peter, you win. Your incriminating pictures of a computer scr– bahahahahahahhahahahah.

    Seriously? That’s the evidence? Bad cellphone pictures of anonymous, private tweets? You couldn’t -you know- hit print screen like a normal person? Also, since it WAS a private account, how did you gain access? There’s a lot more questions about the reasons these specific people are making allegations than there are about some twitter account.

  4. Summer at 6:38 pm

    Just curious as to why this tempest-in-a-Tea-Party-t-shirt “blogger” is allowed to use’s comments section to increase his pageviews? We get it, you’re in on the impeachment, Peter. Go gleefully pat yourself on the back or beat off into the Gadsden Banner while listening to sections of Palin’s “Going Rogue” audiobook somewhere else.

  5. Will at 4:52 pm

    The Pot Calling the Kressel Black

    Three things happen every year in our fair city. That being a flood of tourists every spring for Spoleto, the multitude of worried mothers on campus every August, and another inevitable milestone of time passing in Charleston, scandal in the Student Government Association. This year’s brand of S.G.A. crisis revolves around President Ross Kressel under threat of impeachment for a potential (and I can’t stress that enough) tweeter account where comments were posted that offended members of S.G.A. (Speaking of offensive comments, has anyone seen what horrible, lewd, and degrading things people post about Ross Kressel on College ACB?) The charge against President Kressel is being lead by Chief of Staff LaQunya Baker, who lost to President Kressel in a run-off election last year, and Treasurer Luke Rozansky. The claim is being made that President Kressel violated a section of his oath of office that states he, “shall not bring shame and/or disgrace” to his office or the College of Charleston. Now I’m all for keeping elected officials in line, but it lends a little more credibility if you’re an average citizen (or student in this case) not someone who is a member of the executive board. It would also lend more credibility if members of S.G.A. where not hypocrites.
    I was a member of S.G.A. for 4 years and needless to say I saw more than a few members of S.G.A., past and present, participating in under-age drinking, using fake id.’s, smoking pot, and generally being hammered drunk. I know that it’s college and everyone has done multiple things on the list I just gave. I myself have done some of those actions and have no inherit problem with them being part of the college experience. I only have a problem when people try to punish others for actions that are no where near as bad. Again, I’ve seen the things people in S.G.A. have done and a lot of the actions I’ve seen arguable what could be considered shameful and/or disgraceful, and certainly would have been more serious contenders for impeachment than an anonymous twitter account. So, the next time members of S.G.A. want to start accusing people of shameful and disgraceful actions in there organization they need only to look in the mirror.

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